A balloon flight to virtual reality with SK Telecom

At Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona on March 2nd-5th SK Telecom offered visitors an opportunity to take a balloon flight to virtual reality. The experience begun with equipping the four passengers with virtual reality headsets and earphones. Then we were all set to begin the journey.

Balloon flight

How did it feel? Realistic and unrealistic on the same go. Realistic in the sense that viewing the 3D animated scenery and hearing the associated voice-over you became totally unaware of the surrounding real environment. The 3D animated environment swallowed the passengers up to the imaginary journey with the balloon. Turning my head up, down and the sides I saw just the virtual environment surrounding me. I felt being inside the virtual environment.

The unrealistic feeling came from the animated environment – the journey included viewing a volcanic eruption from a close distance, landing in the middle of a runaway drove and entering a futuristic space ship for rescue. The quality of the graphics was somewhat inaccurate but taking into account the amount of processing power needed to support the four passengers turning their heads in the 3D environment the system did a good job.

Described with only one word the experience was impressive!