Digitalizing gender stereotypes

Some days back IĀ overheard teenagers discussing. She was clicking a social app and he was watching.

Browsing a social app

He: “You are giving blind likes. You do not even read the updates, you just like them.”

She grinned and continued clicking.

He: “I only give likes to things that I really like. I do not ever give blind likes.”

I had to think about this. What was the reason for the differing approaches and how their friends would react to their approaches? My conclusion – without consulting them – was that her likes were targeted to her friends as persons rather than to the actual content. By liking she indicates that she likes the friend. He makes a strict difference between a friend and the content and only gives a like if the content really pleases him.

I can imagine them meeting the same friends in real life. She would smile immediately when greeting a friend.

Girls greeting

He would not bother smiling when greeting

Boys greeting

but would only smile when the friend shares a joke.

Boys sharing a joke

That’s about stereotypes for today, folks. This is not to be taken seriously, just wanted to make some fun.